About Us

Having suffered with Tinnitus and Mental Health issues for many years I finally got some help when it all got too much in early 2022. I have set up this website and soon to be registered charity to help myself and other people’s Mental Health.

I have undertaken many events for charity including Running and Walking over the years and I thought it was time to set up a “Halfway-House Charity” to help people get outdoors, stay healthy and raise money.

S4S is still very much WIP but any money raised at our various events will be donated to the following charities which are close to the S4S heart:

You can simply turn up whether you know me or not, donate, don’t donate, make new friends, have a chat or just simply spread the word about S4S. We are here to try and help anyone and everyone – both mentally and financially.

Not all events are there specifically to raise money but we are happy to take donations for all the events which will be logged on the website and sent on to the various charities with pictures added to the gallery.

There will be 2-3 main charity events throughout each year but many more taking place which anyone is welcome to join.

Unfortunately my running times have declined over the last year due to Long Covid but I am trying my best to battle through this.

Thanks very much for stopping by 🙂

James Mole – Founder & Trustee